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Russian bathhouse

Russian bathhouse

The sauna complex of the Yagoda Malina country Club in Gelendzhik will open the doors to the wonderful world of a traditional Russian bath

Opening hours of the sauna complex:

- Winter period from 12-00 to 00-00

- Summer period from 10-00 to 00-00

Russian bath (minimum 2 hours)

2000 rubles/hour

Russian bath and Youth vat minimum 2 hours)

3000 rubles/hour

Rent the entire bath complex (Russian bath, hamam, vat "Youth"). Minimum of 2 hours, for a company of up to 20 people

7500 rubles/hour

For guests staying at the Yagoda Malina Country Club hotel, the price is discounted:

Youth vat (minimum 2 hours)

1500 rubles/hour

Russian bath and "Molodosti" vat (minimum 2 hours)

2400 rubles/hour

Rent the entire bath complex (Russian bath, hamam, vat "Youth"). Minimum of 2 hours, for a company of up to 20 people

6000 rubles/hour

Russian bath ordering service: 8 (800) 333-16-83

1. The promotion is not valid on public holidays and weekends

2. This promotion cannot be combined with other country Club promotions and loyalty programs.



What is a
Russian bath?

What is a
Russian bath?

Our bath complex offers you the following:

A tub of ice water for those who want to cheer up in real Russian traditions.

Those who appreciate a leisurely relaxation will enjoy a bath and a rain shower.

If you are hungry after a steam bath, you can order delicious dishes from the Les restaurant, which is located on the territory of the Country Club.

Friendly parties: a spacious and comfortable seating area is at your service.

Real oak brooms, collected and compiled by experts in bath procedures - for maximum cleansing and healing of the body.

A wide selection of natural herbs and oils-soaked in their aromas, the air of the bath itself becomes healing. Spacious and hot steam room.

A Russian bath is an unsurpassed way to cleanse not only the body, but also the mind, give yourself peace and tranquility, learn to relax and enjoy every minute. Bathhouse in Gelendzhik, located on the territory of the country club "Yagoda Malina" - the best choice if you appreciate the steam room in the true Russian traditions, and at the same time want to get a decent level of comfort. We strive to provide our clients with the highest quality of services, modern service and create maximum convenience.