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Vat of Youth

Opening hours of the sauna complex:

- Winter period from 12-00 to 00-00

- Summer period from 10-00 to 00-00

«Yagoda Malina» Country Club offers its clients one of the most exotic and at the same time effective types of bath procedures – the Molodosti Vat. It is ideal for steam room lovers who want to try something new and different from the traditional type of bath. The "Youth" outdoor vat is a unique way to improve the health of the soul and body, which will give you pure positive emotions.


Vat of Youth (minimum 2 hours, up to 6 people)

1500 rubles/hour

Russian bath and vat of Youth (minimum 2 hours)

3000 rubles/hour

Rent the entire bath complex (Russian bath, hammam, vat "Youth"). Minimum of 2 hours, for a company of up to 20 people

7500 rubles/hour

* The service is only available for guests staying at the hotel.

** The service is available to everyone.

What is Vat of Youth?

Vat of Youth is a special cast-iron bowl with a diameter of 2.7 meters, installed in the open air over smoldering coals. The vat is filled to the middle with a decoction of medicinal herbs, and then heated to the temperature of a "hot bath" - 37-42 degrees Celsius. During the procedure, you are immersed in a chest-deep vat and enjoy the clean air, filled with the smell of a fire and the aromas of herbs, heated water, pleasantly enveloping your body. The youth vat completely heals all organs, calms the nervous system, and gives an unsurpassed feeling of peace and happiness. At the same time, the" rejuvenating " vat is completely devoid of the disadvantages of a traditional bath – here you will not get overheating, and it is easy and pleasant to breathe during the procedure.

Vat of Youth in Gelendzhik is ideal not only for the warm season, but also for the cold season. Our clients find special pleasure in the combination of hot healing water and frosty inhaled air. And for fans of extreme entertainment, we will prepare a pool-font with ice water, which you can dive into after the steam room. Having steamed in the vat at least once, you will come back to us again and again!

Having improved your body and soul, please yourself with delicious food – in our restaurant "Malina" you can always order a variety of dishes and drinks of European, Russian, Asian, Caucasian cuisine.